The Road to Becoming a Social Media Superstar

Not really a superstar. I just want to have a good amount of traffic crossing my feeds because people find what I post interesting. Obviously, I’m doing a terrible job; I haven’t posted on this blog since September. The problem is that since September, I’ve been busy being a grad student, an intern, a part-time employee, a good girlfriend and attempting at being a functional human being (attempting being the key word here).  But come May, the internship, the Master’s program and the part-time job will all be over and I’ll have to be a real person. So, I begin again.

I have still been reading a lot though which I think is fantastic. Most recently, I started Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth series. It’s an epic fantasy that’s about a million books long and is almost over and I LOVED the first book, The Wizard’s First Rule. It’s got everything you could want from an epic fantasy, the predictability was at a minimum (probably because of its length), and I can’t wait to find what’s in store for the characters down the road! I already bought the second one, but someone recently lent Italo Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler so I’m trying to finish that to give it back. That is also a great book but in a completely different way because it’s more literary fiction. It’s written in a very interesting style in which the narrator is speaking directly to you but with a lot of supposition, acknowledging that every reader is different. With every plot introduction (you’ll understand what I mean if you look up the book) the narrator proceeds in describing what is happening and how you’re reading and responding rather than strictly narrating. It’s fascinating.

I’ve also become a little bit more aware of my goodreads and Twitter accounts but not without a bit of a struggle. For whatever reason, I find instagram a much more likable medium.


A Whovian Review (Season Premiere)

I want to say that this transition was harder for me than Tennant to Smith. I watching Capaldi’s first few moments nervous and tense from the edge of my seat (after initial screeches at the new theme). In silly Doctor Who fashion, the TARDIS is coughed up by a T-Rex. Very comforting. And I found that I liked Capaldi’s Doc swag immediately. He seemed to try to incorporate bits of Tennant and Smith Doctors into his own; maybe these likenesses are for us to make this easier or maybe it’s a homage as Capaldi is a Whovian himself. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. There were things that I wasn’t too impressed with in this first episode like the whole sequence where Capaldi was falling through the tree and flipped onto the horse – eck. I still like Clara as a companion, but I was a little upset when the Doctor made that comment about not being her boyfriend because I never thought their relationship was about that. Just because River Song was attached to the Matt Smith Doctor doesn’t mean we should force a relationship between Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara. I REALLY HOPE THAT CYBORG FELL. And what is this heaven business? We shall see.

EDIT: I’m dying for the Capaldi face in Fires of Pompeii and Tom Baker in the anniversary special to be addressed. I think that this episode started to address that well, but that may just be my wishful thinking.