The Maze Runner and Movie-Tie-Ins

I think I should warn you that this probably contains spoilers. I finished the Maze Runner last night, the first in James Dashner’s series that is about to be released as a film. It took me a few tens of pages or so, maybe fifty, before I was really into it but I did really enjoy it by the end. I was probably interested when Teresa showed up and sold when Thomas remembered her name. I would definitely recommend it and need to read the next two in the trilogy and then the prequel. A YA novel is usually successful in gaining my love if it has a great romance and fast action. There’s definitely the beginnings of romance here but it’s not as in your face as others have been, so I’m suprised that I enjoyed it so much. Maybe it’s the comradery among the boys the really get me. Some things were a little repetitive for me like how Thomas always wants to punch someone in the face and restrains himself. I lost count of how many times I read that. But hey, good on him for not hitting anyone that wasn’t a Griever. When I first started reading, I was reminded a little of the Lord of the Flies with the description of Chuck being reminiscent of Piggy. So, I won’t say anymore about that because I may cry. I’m excited to see how they portray this in the movie. I thoroughly enjoy film interpretations of books. I try not to think of them as one in the same, it’s just a film based on the ideas of the book. I actually watched City of Bones before I read the book and for me it was okay because they were so different. I completely understand the huge plot changes they made for the film interpretation because you can read the thoughts of two main characters who fell in love before they thought they were siblings but you can’t see that in a film. Vampire Academy was a favorite for me and when I went to see the film, I enjoyed it as a much less serious interpretation of the book I that I enjoyed. So, we shall see what happens with this one.